Twitch adds 'Stories' to its mobile app, (How to Create & View Stories on Twitch)

Twitch adds new Stories feature similar to Snapchat and Instagram to engage audience even offline. Here''s how to Create & View Stories on Twitch

twitch stories feature

Twitch 'Stories' Feature

Twitch, the popular live streaming platform, has copied a feature from Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media platforms introducing "Twitch Stories." This exciting feature allows streamers to post photos, text, or video clips that expired after 48 hours, creating a dynamic way to connect with their audience. Twitch has described this feature as a means to "help creators reach and stay connected to their communities even when they are offline." This feature was first unveiled in July.

Initially, Twitch Stories was exclusively available to partners and affiliates who had conducted at least one stream in the past 30 days. However, now, all users can access Twitch Stories after updating to the latest version of the app. Access to this feature will gradually roll out to eligible streamers by the end of the week, with availability expanding as more creators meet the specified requirements.

Note: Anyone with the Twitch mobile app can view stories. The ability to create stories is limited to qualified Partners and Affiliates

Exclusive Stories for Subscribers

Creators with a minimum of 30 subscribers, including gift subscriptions, will be able to create exclusive stories for subscribers only.

How to Use Twitch Stories

Twitch suggests various uses for Stories, such as providing easy access to followers, scheduling updates, and adding visual entertainment. The mobile app will notify followers when a publisher posts a story. Moreover, users can set notifications to control the frequency of these posts, ensuring a tailored viewing experience. Creators will also gain insight into the total number of views and reactions for each story, even after it expires.

Twitch Stories presents a fresh opportunity for streamers to connect with their audience more engagingly and dynamically. Whether it's behind-the-scenes glimpses, game highlights, or personal updates, Stories offers a versatile platform for content sharing.

This new feature is a testament to Twitch's ongoing commitment to providing innovative tools and features for content creators and their communities.

How to Create a Story on Twitch

Create a Story on Twitch
Creating Stories on the Twitch platform is as simple as we think about it, However, Twitch officially shared a detailed article in a blog post, Here's a simple process of How to Create a Story on Twitch:

To Create a New Story on Twitch:
  1. From the Following, tap the (+) icon above "My Story", or
  2. Enter Creator Mode via the upper-right "Create" button. While in Creator Mode, tap the middle   (+) icon on the bottom, and select "Story."
  3. Now, Choose Camera, Clip, or Canvas. Personalize your story by adding Twitch emotes, or text.
  4. Continue following the on-screen prompts to finish composing your story.
  5. Post your story by selecting "Your Story" or (when available) "Subscribers."

How to View Stories on Twitch

Here's a simple process of How to view a Story on Twitch.

To view a new Story on Twitch:
  1. Stories from streamers you follow will appear at the top of the Following tab.
  2. Stories play for a minimum of 10 seconds, up to 1 minute, depending on the length of content. Stories last 48 hours before disappearing.
  3. Swiping lets you go through different channels’ stories.
  4. Tapping lets you go through multiple stories in a single channel. If you reach the last story of that channel, it will take you to the next channel’s stories (if available).
  5. If a streamer is live when you view their story, tap their avatar to go to their stream and join the chat!
  6. When viewing a story, you can react with emotes.