Garmin brings ECG support to Fenix 7 Pro, Epix Pro, Tactix 7 AMOLED, and Venu 3/3S series watches in the US

The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro, Garmin Epix Pro, Garmin Tactix 7 AMOLED, and Garmin Venu 3/3S series are now equipped with this ECG feature in the US
Garmin brings ECG support

Garmin Introduces ECG Feature to Select Watch Models

Garmin has taken a significant stride in the realm of health monitoring by rolling out the ECG (Electrocardiogram) feature available for select watch models. The Garmin Fenix 7 Pro, Garmin Epix Pro, Garmin Tactix 7 AMOLED, and Garmin Venu 3/3S series are now equipped with this ECG  feature in the US.

Garmin's ECG feature is designed to monitor your heart's electrical activity and provide insights into your heart rhythm. It can distinguish between a normal sinus rhythm and an irregular one, such as atrial fibrillation (Afib). What sets Garmin apart from some other smartwatches is that the ECG feature is available on-demand. Instead of continuously running in the background, you can initiate it whenever necessary.

These select Garmin watch models are equipped with the company's proprietary ELEVATE V5 optical heart rate sensor package, which enables ECG functionality. 

The watch records a 30-second heart rhythm reading, and you can store this data in the Garmin Connect app for future reference.

After the quick test, you'll receive immediate results and can even export a comprehensive report in PDF format to share with your healthcare provider. However, it's essential to note that this feature cannot detect heart attacks.

While the Venu 2 Plus already had the ECG feature, Garmin has made some alterations to the optical heart rate sensor package. 

This adjustment required certain portions of the FDA certification process related to the ECG feature to be redone.

Garmin, alongside other tech giants like Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, and Google, has gone through the formal FDA certification process. This certification classifies the ECG app as a medical device, requiring a comprehensive study involving over 600 participants and meeting stringent requirements.

It's crucial to understand that the clinically validated ECG app is currently exclusively available to buyers in the United States.

How to Activate ECG on Garmin Watches

Enabling the ECG functionality on your Garmin watch is a straightforward process. You need to be physically present in the United States during the initial setup, have one of the compatible watch models, and ensure your Garmin watch and app firmware are up-to-date. Once you've activated the ECG feature, you can use it anywhere in the world without any limitations.

In conclusion, Garmin's introduction of ECG functionality to select watch models enhances users' ability to monitor and maintain their heart health. With on-demand access to ECG readings and the capability to share comprehensive reports with healthcare professionals, it's a noteworthy advancement in the world of wearables.