Meta's Threads Rolls Out Post Editing and Voice Notes Feature

Discover the latest update in Threads by Meta -the most highly requested features: the ability to edit posts and also capability to share audio posts


Meta's Threads post-editing feature

The most recent update to Threads, Meta's alternative to Twitter, introduces one of the most highly requested features: the ability to edit posts. This post-editing option will be accessible on both the mobile app and the web version. The rollout of this new feature will begin today and will be gradually extended to users.

Within Threads, users now can edit their posts after sharing them. This editing option can be utilized as many times as desired within the initial five minutes after posting. 

After this timeframe, the editing functionality will be disabled. It's important to note that while this feature is free, it is more restricted in comparison to Twitter. Although Threads allows for quicker editing, it does not display the edit history of a post. Instead, it simply presents an icon to indicate whether the post has been edited or not.

In addition to post editing, Threads also introduces the capability to share audio posts.