Honda 'Prelude' electric sportscar unveiled at Japan Mobility Show

Honda has unveiled a new EV concept sportscar "Prelude" at the Japan Mobility Show- hints at a promising electric future and a touch of nostalgia

Honda Prelude electric sportscar

Honda 'Prelude' Electric Sportscar

Honda has unveiled a new EV concept sportscar "Prelude" at the Japan Mobility Show. The "Prelude" was a beloved model from Honda in the 1990s and is now making a stunning comeback in an all-electric avatar. This reimagined concept car not only showcases the evolving world of electric vehicles but also hints at Honda's vision for a sporty, electric future.

Concept at a Glance

Here's a quick look at the key features of the electrifying "Prelude" concept:

Feature Description
Exterior Design Resembles the popular Civic model; no traditional grille; side mirrors replaced with cameras
Symmetrical Lines Maintains a symmetrical design with refined aesthetics
Sporty Rear Spoiler Features a rear spoiler for a touch of sportiness
Interior Design The interior design remains undisclosed, leaving enthusiasts curious
CEO's Vision Honda's CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, hints at an electrifying sports model future

In the bustling arena of the Japan Mobility Show, where automakers flaunted their latest innovations, Honda's revival of the "Prelude" concept stole the limelight. While the original "Prelude" model had its heyday in the 1990s, it gradually faded from production in the 2000s. However, the surge in electric vehicles has breathed new life into the classics, and the "Prelude" concept now emerges as a sleek, electric masterpiece.

A Glimpse of the 'Prelude' Sports Car

  1. One look at the "Prelude," and you can't help but notice its resemblance to Honda's popular Civic model.
  2.  The absence of a grille, a telltale sign of an electric vehicle, is immediately apparent. 
  3. Another intriguing feature is the replacement of traditional side mirrors with cameras, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. 
  4. The "Prelude" maintains a symmetrical design, yet it exudes a refined appeal. At the rear, a spoiler structure adds a touch of sportiness to the overall design.

While the exterior of the "Prelude" concept car captivates onlookers, the interior remains shrouded in mystery. Honda has chosen to keep the design details hidden for now, leaving enthusiasts to wonder about what's under the hood.

The burning question on everyone's mind is whether this electrifying concept car will become a reality. Although Honda has been relatively tight-lipped about its plans, the company's CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, dropped intriguing hints. Mibe emphasized Honda's commitment to crafting electrifying sports models shortly and described the "Prelude" concept as "an introduction to the model that will combine driving pleasure with electric." In this context, "Prelude" takes on the meaning of an introduction, suggesting that it may serve as a platform for Honda's electric future, rather than a standalone model.


Honda's unveiling of the electric "Prelude" concept at the Japan Mobility Show has set the automotive world abuzz. With a design that hints at a promising electric future and a touch of nostalgia, this concept car is a tantalizing glimpse into what Honda has in store for enthusiasts. While the interior remains a secret, the visionary words of CEO Toshihiro Mibe leave us eager to see how "Prelude" will play a pivotal role in the electrifying journey ahead.