Apple's First Foldable iPad expected to launch in 2024

Apple is reportedly planning to launch its first foldable iPad. It could start small-scale production by the end of 2024

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Apple's First Foldable iPad

Latest Rumours suggest that Apple is reportedly planning to launch its first foldable iPad. It could start small-scale production by the end of 2024. Apple also recently filed a patent related to foldable devices.

Competing tech companies, including Samsung, Oppo, and OnePlus, have already embraced foldable technology in their product offerings, and Apple is poised to join the foldable tablet arena.

Rumors circulating in the tech world suggest that Apple is in "intensive development" with its suppliers to bring forth a foldable iPad. Unlike its competitors, Apple's primary focus appears to be on the tablet rather than the iPhone.

Reports indicate that Apple may commence small-scale production of the foldable iPad by late 2024, leading to speculations of a possible official announcement in late 2024 or early 2025.

Apple's interest in developing a foldable tablet has been a long-standing endeavor. Several pieces of evidence, including the company's latest patent filings, support this direction.

These patents include a hinge mechanism with movable flaps for screen protection, an OLED display, and a self-healing foldable screen. These patents are strong indicators of Apple's commitment to the foldable tablet concept.
Numerous reports reinforce the idea that Apple is more inclined to focus on a foldable iPad than a foldable iPhone.

A report by DigiTimes reveals that Apple is fast-tracking its plans for the foldable iPad. The company hopes to initiate small-scale production by the end of 2024, though the exact production volume remains undisclosed.

Apple faces significant challenges in the development of its foldable iPad, particularly in screen and hinge design. The prevention of screen folding issues is a major concern for the company.

Apple is reportedly in discussions with industry giants Samsung and LG to find mechanical design solutions that can address the screen folding problem.

As of now, Apple has not released any official information regarding this groundbreaking project, leaving tech enthusiasts eagerly awaiting details on specifications, pricing, and the official release date.